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At the airport!

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to board! Kiwanis flew me business class and I've never been before. It's pretty awesome! There's a lounge you go to instead of waiting at the gate! I'm actually petty nervous about going to Cambodia. The only international flight I've ever been on is to India, but that doesn't really count since I'm Indian and I was going to visit family :) I hope there's wifi on the flight! I heard the plane from NY to Seoul has wifi and power outlets so hopefully Dulles is the same!

When I land 24 hours from now, UNICEF will be picking us up and taking us to the hotel. Then we have a media meeting with the Cambodian UNICEF office. We have to dress conservatively in accordance with their customs.

Ooh! My plane is boarding! Talk to you all when I land :)

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