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Greetings from Cambodia!

Hey everyone!

We just landed in Cambodia!

There are tons of other people with me including the Kiwanis International President Designate, Allen Penn! When we get a group photo tomorrow I will introduce you to everyone! We were picked up at the airport by UNICEF staff from the Cambodian office.

(I tried getting a picture so you all could see the awesome Unicef logo on the front! I want one of these cars!!)

The hotel is amazing! We are staying in Phnom Penh at an outdoor hotel with a pool and the hotel rooms are like apartments with a kitchen, huge bathroom, dining table and everything! It's definitely not what I was expecting for Cambodia! But I'm sure it's going to be a 360 from the clinics and villages we'll be visiting through out the week.

I'm feeling a little home sick (more like school sick, you could say!) because my VCU RAMS are in the FINAL FOUR! Coincidentally, Pam Norman, the Kiwanis Staff director for ELIMINATE, went to Butler and thats who we will be playing tomorrow! We have a breakfast date to watch the game together! I will most definitely be waking up early to watch it, 6am Cambodian time!

Talk to you all tomorrow after our tour of Phnom Pehn!


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